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Church members expressed their gratitude for the incredible life changing achievements of the Princess Donia project. They wanted to know how the project became a reality that seven local Egyptian men are now able to support their families by managing the operation of the Princess Donia and working as crew. www.princessdonia.com

Tony Fairfoot, a church member asked for a photograph of the Princess Donia but wouldn’t say why. We later discovered he had made arrangements for his sister Patanne Fairfoot, who is a renowned painter of pet portraits to paint a watercolour of the Princess Donia. www.facebook.com/fairfootpetportraits

I think Patanne has created a beautiful and elegant portrait of the Princess Donia, which shows just how talented an artist she is. It will take pride of place in the salon of the Princess Donia so that all future passengers will be able to personally view its magnificence as they enjoy the romantic elegance of sailing on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan.