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Cruise Itinerary

Our itinerary is designed to maximise your enjoyment and enable you to see as much of the history, culture and beauty of the Nile. However should you wish to design your own unique schedule we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Each day as the Princess Donia slowly heads towards Aswan, regular stops are made for guests to visit the different tombs and temples such as Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Philea as well as some of the more unusual tombs and small villages less frequented by tourists on the larger cruise ships. These include El Kab and Speos of Horemheb at Silsila.

Princess Donia is a very romantic ship in a romantic setting. Be mesmerised by the incredible sunrise and sunset, when the skies constantly change colour and enjoy dining under a blanket of stars in the deep blue night sky.

Cuisine on board the Princess Donia is designed to offer a wide range of dishes, which will appeal to most tastes.

Breakfast is a leisurely affair with no set times. Fresh juice, fresh fruit, tea, coffee, yoghurt, cereals, toast and eggs cooked just the way you want by the chef or you may prefer to try Egyptian "Shak Shuka" (eggs scrambled with onion, peppers, garlic).

Lunch and dinner is a selection of local Mediterranean dishes including Baba Anou (aubergine and chick pea dip), Middle Eastern Salads, Falafel, Sweet Tomato Salad, flatbread and either fish or meat.

The delightful evening temperatures make it a pleasure to dine outside on the upper deck or wherever we dock, on a sandy island, in the shadow of the tomb of a pharaoh or simply on the banks of the Nile. If the weather is less than perfect (too hot, too cold) then dinner is served in the air-conditioned salon.


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